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In the legislation of ships, boats must be manned by a skipper. The latter received several types of river courses, but large person does not take care of the important boat license or coastal certificate. Samboat care of this maritime rules.

In the universe of the boat

A boat can be rented with or without skipper, provided the skipper with a family member has a license to ship. The boat license is the minimum to have a boat to operation over 6 CV, so from jet skis and more. The first thing to find out is to know the state of the sea. Preparing your departure and prevent someone on the ground, check that the safety measures and weather conditions are made. In case of collision: strive by all means, to rescue the boat and its crew touched, a usual gesture that everyone is responsible for. It is essential to know the maritime codes to secure the passengers, to secure the boat and the people living on the bank. As free as it is, a trip on boat is so magnificent.

A boat rental worldwide

One must know for example that a boat hire italy cannot exceed some miles of its maritime base, while the extension pleasure boats can stroll without limit. The codes are also there to manage the boat bases and fleets. They must submit to their owner “maritime CV” to convince them of the merits of their rental application. With samboat, the announcements are enriched by the owners for advice and feedback left by members of the site after a rental. The site does not offer a large amount of ads, but the concept is interesting and deserves to be discovered in our day. The ports offer several types of contracts according to your size boat and needs even hire locally.

These are family boats (5 to 8 people) perfectly equipped: sun lounger, chairs, cupboards, shower, summer awning and mandatory safety equipment.