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The advantages of the passive house

There is a passive house a house that uses energy and recycles it. Thanks to its ventilation performance, thermal insulation and solar energy, it maintains a moderate ambient temperature all year round. For example, in a passive house, heat from the outside (sunlight) and inside (machines and residents) is used to heat the house. To achieve its energy objectives, a passive house has an architecture and must be oriented south if possible to store as much solar energy as possible. Discover : . It is possible to build a passive house based on alternative or regional architectural styles, as well as on all kinds of construction methods and materials, provided that climatic conditions and its orientation have been taken into account in its design.

Building your house

The construction of a passive house costs between 15 and 25% of that of a traditional house (thermal analysis, reinforced insulation, special carpentry, equipment suitable for thermal restoration, etc.), but its structural system and equipment considerably reduce energy consumption and for this reason, the related long-term expenses. As a result, the cost is even higher and more economical over time. For apartment rentals Monaco, contact a professionnal. In addition, the passive house is ahead of thermal regulations. Reselling your home will be easier because its heritage value is higher than that of the regulatory residence.

A BEPOS house: what is it?

A BEPOS house produces more energy than it consumes. Moreover, it can be said otherwise: it consumes much less energy than it produces... The calculation is based on the average of one year and includes the electrical appliances used by its own inhabitants. Energy houses are small and at exactly the same time, they promote the comfort of their inhabitants. There is no question of feeling chilly in cold or hot weather. They make it possible, without taking anything away from your 24th birthday, to limit the effect of the constant increase in energy costs on your financing. The interior programmes have been designed with lifestyles in mind and include open, exquisite lounges that preserve quiet night spaces.